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VENTA:Nikon D3x 24.5MP Digital SLR Camera

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Nikon D3x 24.5MP Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D3x shoots approximately 9-frames-per-second high-speed continuous shooting in FX format and 11 fps in DX format, with a buffer twice the size of the D3's. These features, along with a 0.04-second shutter release time lag and improved AF accuracy work seamlessly for lightning-fast responses.


* 1 Nikon D3x DSLR Camera
* 1 EN-EL4a Battery Pack
* 1 MH-22 Battery Charger
* 1 UC-E4 Data Cable (USB)
* 1 EG-D2 AV Cable
* 1 AN-DC5 Strap
* 1 CD-ROM
* 1 BF-1B Body Cap
* 1 BS-2 Accessory Shoe Cover
* 1 DK-17 Eyepiece

EMAIL CONTACT: adams_yorke@yahoo.com
13/05/2011 00:59:44
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